Welcome to the website of the City of Hope, Sultan bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City.

We hope that our services, treatment, and health programs will satisfy you and be a reason for your recovery, God willing.

Our goal in the city is to strive for your care and to provide the highest levels of quality and care in order to meet your requirements and aspirations so that you may fully resume your regular life and achieve the stage of recovery.

In the city, we do not recognize the terms "disability" or "incapacity" because we consider that the power of the human will to overcome obstacles is greater than any impairment. Over the past years, the city's services have helped a tremendous number of patients. The majority of them were successful in reaching advanced stages of recovery, leading normal lives, reintegrating into society, and leaving behind lovely and uplifting success stories with God's willing then with their own power of will and determination.

The city has achieved several achievements that we are happy to share with you, which reflect the quality of the services provided and put the city in the ranks of international hospitals. Most notably achievement is the infection control rate, which reached 100% as a rare qualitative achievement in international hospitals.

Moreover, one of the achievements for the benefit of our patients is the indicators of improvement, which reflect the rate of improvement for patients during their stay in the hospital and receiving treatment. The latest of these achievements is the re-accreditation and completion of the city's rehabilitation programs from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which specializes in the quality of care and health programs in rehabilitative hospitals according to international standards. Here, we are all striving to achieve the mission of the city that is helping people to help themselves, which was established by the founder, may God have mercy on him and his sons after him. Moreover, we always look forward to listening with our hearts to your opinions and suggestions in order to create an unforgettable experience in your stay in the city of hope and humanity.


Abdullah Hamad Bin Zarah


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