post address

Sultan bin Abdulaziz City for Humanitarian Services
Al-Qassim Road to the north, Exit 6, Benban
ص.ب: 64399  
Riyadh 11536
Saudi Arabia

telephonic call

0115620000 :Unified number

E-mail :



Departmental transfers in Patient Services

Case studies Ext phone 3618
reports  Ext phone 4454
Patient Relations  Ext phone 3890
Registration - appointments  Ext phone4454
Patient finance  Ext phone 4434 
child development  Ext phone 4146
Admission office - hypnosis  Ext phone 4147
Limbs and splints  Ext phone 4900
Physical therapy appointments  Ext phone 4140
recruitment Ext phone 2099
Emergency Ext phone 4149
approvals  Ext phone 4123
Laboratories  Ext phone 4225
Telecommunications Ext phone 4399
Security  Ext phone 4600

Hospital Location

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