Sultan City Medical Center

Sultan City Medical Center offers medical and rehabilitation services that meet the highest worldwide health standards through an integrated medical staff with outstanding qualifications and a range of specializations. The center attempts to offer a unique and varied treatment experience from the moment a patient arrives at the center until the completion of the treatment period.

Sultan City Medical Center is an outgrowth of the city's goal of “helping people to help themselves”. As it offers specialized medical, surgical, and rehabilitation treatments to diverse societal groups, in addition to offering a safe and comfortable environment for the patients.

The center is located in Riyadh - Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Road, the first. The building consists of 4 stories and a total space of 3,025 square meters, including a floor for parking cars.

Clinics and Specialties:
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
Surgery (obesity, orthopedics, spine)
Dental Clinic.
Audiology Clinic.
Optometry Clinic.
Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic.
Cardiology Clinic.
Neurology Clinic.
Psychiatry Clinic.
Gastroenterology Clinic.
Internal Medicine Clinic.
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Gym for adults and children.
Radiology Department.
Emergency Room.
Clinics and Gym for physiotherapy and rehabilitation for VIPs.​
working hours
Saturday to Thursday
9 am to 9 pm
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