​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Telemedicine clinic​​

What is a telemedicine clinic?

Sultan bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City center offers a range of modern technologies which are used by the health practitioners’ team to interact safely and directly with the patients via virtual clinics in order to assess and follow up the patient’s condition.

The objectives of the Telemedicine Clinic:

1. Offering express access services to enable medical professionals to respond to all patient-related questions and consultations and assist in determining the best course of action. 2. Giving the requester some advice based on the virtual evaluation such that a follow-up visit with the doctor is required to receive the full assessment. 3. Offering consultations in situations where a patient or healthcare provider needs a second opinion. 4. Providing the service for stable situations that do not require immediate attendance at a hospital or medical center. Therefore, it does not serve patients with emergency and serious cases that require transportation.

Services provided by the Telemedicine Clinic:

1. Telemedicine consultation. 2. Patient education. 3. Providing medical advice to the patient. 4. Virtually follow-up with the patient depending on the information given by the patient or the doctor

Communication method:

- ​- The website offers patient and caregiver communication services in accordance with the policy of enhancing the quality of service by logging in to the electronic services هذا الرابط​
- - The patient can contact us directly by clicking هذا الرابط
- - You can use the app, phone ​0115620000to book an appointment at the clinic. WhatsApp​

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