Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic:



Dental Clinic

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City is directed by a perfect medical crew of consultants and specialists from all dental specializations, the centre is also characterized with dental fixing and using items and materials of high quality in comparison with the other dental clinics. This gives the ability to change and modify the color, shape and size easily until reaching the result needed by both the dentist and the patient. The best international standards are applied in order to assure the quality and to provide the best standards of medical care to all patients according to the best international standards of patients care and safety in the following services: 

By specialists in teeth hygiene

Dental Cleaning


Porcelain filling, white and normal.

Dental filling


Partial & Complete movable or stable Dentures


Dental restoration

Replacing the missing teeth with titanium implants

Dental implant


Removing wisdom tooth and Jaw surgery

Dental surgery


Jaw and surgery orthodontists for children and adults



Whitening teeth and improving its color 

Cosmetic dentistry

Treating diseases and inflammation of gum and bone

Gum surgery


For all teeth in normal and surgical methods

Nerve treatment


Paying attention to the children’s teeth in an early age

Paediatric dentistry


The role of the family and patient to prevent decay

Protective dentistry


General anaesthesia for children and partial anaesthesia for adults 



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