We aim to improve our patients’ journey by following innovative humanitarian strategies through a holistic approach which focuses on the patient.


Create an experience which exceeds patients’ expectations..

Goals and Targets::

1  Create a healing environment for the patient, his family, and staff::
    • Moral support.
    • Goodwill
    • Accessibility

    22. Ensure that the patient's journey is smooth throughout the course of care::
      • Before care
      • During care.
      • After the patient’s discharge.

      3    Considering patients’ feedback and observations for inclusion in the organization’s plans::
        • Patient advisory council.
        • Patient and family right committee.
        • Complaints
        • Patient satisfaction survey.

        4Ensure the implementation of strategies for the improvement of patients’ journey in collaboration with other departments.
          • Follow basic criteria regarding patients’ experience as a strategic goal.

          55. Provide the necessary guidance and support for patients, their families, and staff:
            • General education.
            • Communication with Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City.
            • Initiate H.E.A.R.T.

            6    6. Promote awareness of stakeholders in society regarding the creation of a positive experience for the patient:
              • Social media platforms.
              • Campaigns

              7. Act as advocates for patients to decision makers to promote patient’s experience through the healthcare system.

                ​Disabled Saudi Citizen’s Guide:

                Download file دليل المعاق السعودي.pdf

                Work Time:

                The Department works during weekdays (Sunday – Thursday) from 08:00 A.M. – 04:30 P.M. only.

                ​​​Website and Means of Communication:

                The Patient’s Experience Department is located in the 1st floor of Building 4 next to the admission’s office. You can communicate with the Department via e-mail: PX@sbahc.or.sa

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