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He lost hope of standing...but he walked out! From the operating room to the exit gate.. Saud tells us his story with the accident, as a message of inspiration for others The Saud incident taught us not to lose hope, and from the city of hope, we hope for safety for all

Muhammad is one of the heroes of Sultan City He was involved in a traffic accident that caused him a disability..but he did not give up and completed his treatment and was able to overcome the injury Muhammad's smile never left him and motivated us to give more because our services are based on our mission: “Helping people help themselves”

Medical Specialties

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine services provide comprehensive care for patients with a variety of health conditions in inpatient and outpatient departments, using a variety of diagnostic tools

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation serves children and adults with disabilities related to the musculoskeletal system and nervous system and leads multidisciplinary teams that help restore or develop physical, psychological, social and occupational functions to enable patients to achieve their maximum functional levels and focus on the prevention of complications disability.

Medicine and psychological counseling

It consists of a multidisciplinary team consisting of a psychologist, a clinical psychologist, a neuropsychiatrist and a psychiatrist and focuses on providing comprehensive diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of cognitive, emotional and behavioral disorders especially among patients with neurological conditions or neuropsychiatric or behavioral conditions nervous

Home health care

The home health care program aims to maintain the maximum level of job abilities inside and outside the home with society. Patients who need to maintain their vital condition or long -term health care can join this program


Faisal bin Sultan

The Royal Speech.. Seeing the Present and the Future

Khalid bin Sultan

Sultan City Medical Center is inaugurated

Sultan City Medical Center

Tenth Annual Summit

Patient care and experience at the Cleveland Clinic

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