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Institutions are valued by their contribution to the community based on their vision and how much they could provide through their mission to their society and humanity. Since the mission for Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City is very much in helping people to help themselves with meeting international standards in health care. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City is recognized as an international center of excellence in rehabilitation and related healthcare services.

Research and Scientific Center in Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City is promoting physicians and scientists from various departments to improve health care and restore function and quality of life for people with a wide range of disabilities. Basic science research will work as the backbone for clinical researchers in the fields of hematology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, and microbiology areas to achieve high quality research projects.

Since Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City is one of the largest rehabilitation centers at the international level, this institution have started to develop good scientific impact at the international level specially with its scope and programs.

On the 4th day of January 2021, Research and Scientific Center with the Academic Affairs was officially inaugurated. Dr. Khalid Al Rubeaan, director of Research and Scientific Center presented the astonishing accomplishment of the department in just a year and half since it was established. Our respective CEO Mr. Abduallah Bin Zarah together with the directors and heads of each management who attended this event were really impressed and showed interest with the future strategic programs of Research and Scientific Center.

“Our eyes are ready for future development”
- Dr. Khalid Al Rubeaan


To become a world class in medical research center delivering global improvements in human health with a mission to innovative research that translates into lasting health benefits.


To be internationally recognized center of scientific research that supports researchers in the human and social sciences for research program advancement.


  • To provide Research encouraging environment for Researchers in the City.
  • Put the City in respectable Research Scientific level internationally.
  • Invite Research funding from funding institution.
  • Translate research projects into meaningful and practical application for patient’s care improvement.